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HomeVestors Knows That Securing Lender Financing Now Is A Good Idea

Monday, August 26th, 2013

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Investors who are thinking about obtaining lender financing to purchase a real estate investment should do so now while the rates are still somewhat low.

Dallas, Texas HomeVestors is the nation’s number one home buying franchise and has helped real estate investors purchase 50,000 properties over the years.  The company knows that those investors who have been considering a real estate investment should invest in one quickly if they plan on securing lender financing.  The mortgage interest rates are currently at 4.29% and are expected to continue to surge forward over the next couple of years.  The only way to lock in this interest rate is to make a quickly decision regarding an investment property.

Many typical buyers and investors alike have already secured their property because they realize that property prices and mortgage interest rates are on their way up.  Those who were able to secure property early this year ended up making a good financial decision.  Those who are still on the market looking for properties now are competing with a host of buyers who are looking at securing lender financing in order to obtain an affordable long-term investment.

While securing lender financing now isn’t as attractive as it used to be, 4.29% is certainly better than 5.29%, as it is likely to be in the next couple years.  For investors who decide to lock in the current rate, it is important to find a property that can be purchased for way below its market value in order to profit.

Investors who are looking for a property that they can hold over the long-term need to find a desperate seller who is willing to sell the property far below the market value.  This can be a risky strategy at this time, as the future of the real estate market is based on pure speculation.  Rental property is likely a better choice, as an owner can benefit from multiple different factors, such as a rise in rental rates and property appreciation.

Those who are looking at securing a rental property should decide whether they want to obtain a 4-plex or smaller or something bigger.  Both have their advantages, but a 4-plex or smaller can be obtained at the current 4.29% interest rate.  Bigger properties, while they can make more money have a larger interest rate to deal with.

Those who are able to find a property that meets their expectations and who can end up securing lender financing at the current rates have the ability to profit in the long run.

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Dallas-based HomeVestors of America, Inc. is the largest buyer of houses in the U.S., with 50,000 houses bought since 1996. HomeVestors trains and supports its independently owned and operated franchisees that specialize in buying and rehabbing residential properties.  Most commonly known as the “We Buy Ugly Houses®” company, HomeVestors strives to make a positive impact in each community.  In 2012, for the seventh consecutive year, HomeVestors was among the prestigious Franchise Business Review’s “Top 50 Franchises,” a distinction awarded to franchisors with the highest level of franchisee satisfaction.  For more information, visit

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