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HomeVestors Knows The Value Of Property Management Companies

Friday, January 31st, 2014

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Property management companies do a wide range of activities and handle the issues on the property with confidence. 

Dallas, Texas HomeVestors is the nation’s number one home buying franchise and has helped real estate investors purchase 50,000 properties over the years.  The company knows that property management companies are a godsend to many investors.  These companies handle tax issues, management issues, maintenance issues, tenant issues and offer security to the property.  These companies allow an investor to enjoy their time and not worry about minor day-to-day issues.

The first step of finding property management companies involves researching the different companies on the market.  In order to find the best company, talk to other rental property owners around the area and do a bit of research on the Internet.  There are bound to be two or three companies that stand out over the rest.

Many investors want to keep all of the profits to themselves, but should understand that their time is valuable.  The nice thing about property management companies is that they will allow an investor to leverage their time.  Instead of fixing broken toilets, an investor can be plotting their next investment.

Rental property owners who don’t have a good understanding of what it takes to run a rental property would be better off hiring one of the property management companies on the market.  They will be able to handle the maintenance and find tenants, which is bound to take a great deal of time.  Investors who don’t want to be tied to their properties should consider the advantages of working with a property management company.

Property management companies allow an investor to live at a substantial distance from their property.  Those investors who have pinpointed an area that is growing in population and is a desirable location for rental property can purchase the property without having to move to this area.  While it is a good idea to keep tabs on an investment property, an investor doesn’t have to live on site when they employ a company to handle their business.

Another nice task that property management companies handle is getting the taxes together.  Investors who don’t have a property management company have to either hire a tax preparation company to handle this or deal with the headache of paying taxes themselves.  These property management companies are experts at handling the taxes and will be able to write off expenses based on the business.

Those investors who understand the value of property management companies will likely include them in their business plan.

About HomeVestors of America Inc.

Dallas-based HomeVestors of America, Inc. is the largest buyer of houses in the U.S., with 50,000 houses bought since 1996. HomeVestors trains and supports its independently owned and operated franchisees that specialize in buying and rehabbing residential properties.  Most commonly known as the “We Buy Ugly Houses®” company, HomeVestors strives to make a positive impact in each community.  In 2012, for the seventh consecutive year, HomeVestors was among the prestigious Franchise Business Review’s “Top 50 Franchises,” a distinction awarded to franchisors with the highest level of franchisee satisfaction.  For more information, visit