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Save Money In Order To Purchase The First Investment Property

Monday, September 9th, 2013

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Those who want to get started in the real estate investment field need to prepare for their first investment.  Many people dream about becoming a real estate investor because they believe that they will earn large sums of money.  While this is occasionally the scenario, getting started in the field requires money up front and many investors spend years saving up the necessary capital in order to purchase their first investment property.

When contemplating the first investment property, understand that it is crucial to have the necessary capital and the credit to secure a loan.  Investors should expect that at least 20% of a property’s value would be required as a down payment.  Investors who are investing in rental property have to consider that as much as 35% will be required down.  In other words, investors who are looking at purchasing a $300,000 property will have to pay between $60,000 and $115,000 just to pay for the down payment.

Saving this type of money may end up taking years, but those who are committed to investing in their first investment property will make it happen.  During this period of time, focus on earning a better credit score.  Obtain credit from multiple sources and pay the balances off every single month.  This action will gradually increase a credit score over time, making it easier and less expensive to obtain lender financing.

Understanding the down payment and the amount of interest that a bank is likely to grant allows an investor to narrow down their search with their first investment property.  Those who understand the parameters they are working towards need to budget and save the money they earn in order to pay for the initial down payment and closing costs associated with their investment.

When saving for the first investment property, keep the long-term goal in mind, but give a certain amount of incentive along the way when achieving milestones.  For example, eat at one of the finest restaurants in the area after saving increments of $3000.  Obtaining the entire down payment is likely to take a few years or more, but those who are steadfast to their goals will eventually earn the money to pay for the initial down payment.

The first investment property is the one that is likely to determine the future for an investor.  Those who end up saving enough money to get started are the ones who are able cash in on their decisions.  Investors who go through this hard knock routine are likely to feel even more accomplished when they succeed than those who borrow the money required to begin their first investment.

Asking questions with these tips in mind will help save real estate investors thousands.  For more ideas related to real estate investing, call or visit us a  We are the nation’s number one home buying franchise with over 15 years of experience.  Our company has a vast assortment of real estate investment and real estate franchise opportunities available to help you grow your real estate business.  Come see us for more information.