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Is Charlotte, North Carolina a Viable Market for Real Estate Investors?

Sunday, March 27th, 2011

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By: Rob Caldwell


As a HomeVestors of America® Development Agent representing North and South Carolina, I am researching the Charlotte, North Carolina market to determine the viability for HomeVestors franchise offices. And I have to say the news is very good!

If you are a real estate investor, or you are considering becoming a real estate investor, it’s hard to ignore the opportunities available to you in Charlotte, North Carolina. Foreclosures are expected to rise to roughly 1,100 a month in 2011 and occupied rentals are at 86% and expected to climb through 90% soon. This will certainly cause rental rates to climb as well as the demand for more rental property. In fact, the word on the street in Charlotte is finding a decent 2 bedroom under $750.00 is a real challenge these days.

With foreclosures being the catalyst for the surge in rental demand makes Charlotte and the surrounding area perfect for the HomeVestors® of America franchise model. But don’t assume we are talking about buying foreclosures in Charlotte. In fact, most of our HomeVestors offices across the country report very few foreclosure purchases annually. They rely on the HomeVestors® brand “We Buy Ugly Houses®” for their leads and ultimate real estate purchases.

Charlotte, North Carolina is the 18th largest state in the country with a metropolitan population of 1.7 million. Right now the median sales price is just above $152K and there are noticeable increases in existing home sales. Economists are espousing optimism in the economy as North Carolina is expecting 45,000 new jobs in 2011. Many of these will be in the Charlotte metropolitan area.

So my assessment considering the real estate market, demographics and the economy makes for a tremendous opportunity as a HomeVestors real estate franchisee in Charlotte. HomeVestors provides you with local training and support, and a system that has bought more than 45,000 houses since 1996.

Call HomeVestors today for more information about a franchise office in Charlotte and across the Carolinas! Or, fill out the form at the top of this page.



Rob Caldwell is a Development Agent with HomeVestors of America and is based in Lake Lure, North Carolina. Rob’s role is to recruit, train and support HomeVestors franchise offices in North and South Carolina. Since 2004 Rob has bought more than 100 houses through the “We Buy Ugly Houses” franchise system. If you are interested in a HomeVestors franchise in the Carolinas, contact Rob today! or 828-625-5836.