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HomeVestors Focuses On The Advantages To Purchasing Baytown Rental Property

Wednesday, September 2nd, 2015

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Rental rates in Baytown, TX increased more than 10% over the course of the year due to petrochemical business expansion, giving real estate investors a reason to consider the region.

Dallas, Texas HomeVestors is the nation’s number one home buying franchise and has helped real estate investors purchase 50,000 properties over the years.  The company knows that Baytown rental property is looking like a good investment over the next couple years, as economic improvement continue in this city.  While the greater majority of Texas has been affected negatively by the falling price of oil, Baytown has actually been positively affected, as it produces petrochemical products.  The property values and the median rental rates have increased significantly over the year, allowing investors to capitalize on a profitable rental property.

Investors who want to take advantage of Baytown rental property should realize that rental rates are up 10.9% from a year ago to a median of $850.  This significant increase in value testifies to a region that is improving economically.  While the entire state of Texas has only seen a 2.5% increase in rental rates over the course of the year, Baytown takes the cake, making it the place to be for investors who want to earn the greatest cash flow.  The chances of rental rates increasing even further, as industry expands will allow investors the chance to get into this market now, but this window of opportunity won’t last long.

The reason that Baytown rental property is a great investment is because it continues to improve economically.  The city of Baytown has an expanding petrochemical business and benefits from the low price of oil.  As the price of oil continues to decline, expect that Baytown will continue to expand and take full advantage of the economic conditions.  Real estate investors who purchase Baytown rental property now, before increases in value, will be able to take advantage of the economic growth in the region.

While Baytown rental property isn’t extremely well known, investors should consider it a diamond in the rough.  The potential for a significant profit margin is high, especially if the economic improvements continue throughout the next couple of years.  If so, expect a large number of people to move into the city in search of opportunity and watch rental rates increase even further.  On the other side of the coin, Baytown rental property can be considered a somewhat risky investment, as its success is based around the low price of oil.

Real estate investors who are looking for a strong positive cash flow potential should consider Baytown rental property.

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