How To Attract And Keep Good Tenants At A Rental Property

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Real estate investors who own rental property need to focus on securing good tenants in order to earn the greatest positive cash flow. The best way to find good tenants is to set up an advertising campaign that reaches potential individuals throughout the market. Second, only select the best individuals in the area to live at a property by screening applicants. Third, realize that happy tenants are generally good tenants and investors should do everything necessary to address their concerns. Finally, encourage good tenants to sign leases over and over in order to reduce the turnover rate.

Real estate investors who want good tenants to fill their rental property should take advantage of a comprehensive advertising program. Since advertising is the best way to expose property to tenants, investors should spend the money necessary to develop the exposure they need. Those who focus on in print advertisements, real estate classified websites, and develop a strong social media presence, should be able to connect with tenants throughout the community. In the end, investors should continue this advertising program throughout the course of their investment, setting aside a bit of positive cash flow every month to pay for this campaign.

Real estate investors should set up a tenant screening process in order to only accept good tenants. Those investors who have standards should stick to them in order to end up with individuals who pay the rent on a monthly basis. While it is easy to start accepting any individual, when vacancy rates are high, it is generally counterproductive, as many of these individuals will default on their rental payments. In most cases, investors should stick with their tenant screening requirements and build up their occupancy at a stable rate.

Real estate investors who have good tenants living on site should do everything they can to keep them happy. Since tenants are the only source of positive cash flow, investors need to treat them like gold. Simply put, investors who maintain communication with their tenants and encourage them to initiate contact will likely end up with a better experience overall. As soon as a tenant demonstrates concerns, it is important to remedy the problem immediately. Those tenants who feel like they are treated with respect have no reason not to pay the rent and will likely offer real estate investors with the greatest cash flow.

Months before a lease runs out, real estate investors should offer good tenants with a new application in order to encourage them to renew their lease. Since repeat tenants are crucial in order to capitalize fully on a rental property, investors should give these individuals a renewal application at least three months before their original lease runs out. In many cases, these individuals will sign this lease and give real estate investors a profitable cash flow for another year or longer.

Real estate investors who search for good tenants and aim to keep them satisfied should be able to earn the greatest positive cash flow with their rental property.

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