Desperate Sellers Can Equate To Huge Profits

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One of the best strategies in order to earn an income in the real estate field involves looking for desperate sellers and purchasing their properties for substantially below the market value.  Investors need to focus on a number of different ways to find these individuals if they wish earn the most in this field.

Investors who are able to work with desperate sellers put themselves in a position where they can purchase a property for significantly below the market value.  Since a real estate investor earns their profit the moment they purchase a property, they need to make sure that the price is appealing.  Investors are not in the habit of paying market value for a property.  They need to have excellent research and negotiating skills if they wish to find what they are looking for.

In order to find desperate sellers, investors should use a passive advertising strategy and an active one.  The easiest way to begin advertising to sellers is to place an advertisement on various classified real estate sites.  The nice thing about this strategy is that it can meet an investor’s budget.  Those who don’t want to commit a large sum of capital to their advertising can choose to place ads on sites like Craigslist and test the water.

In order to actively target potential desperate sellers, an investor should have a good understanding of how to use public records.Desperate sellers are generally going through a tough time and want to sell their house as fast as possible.  Investors who target homeowners who are going through divorce may be able to find those who want to sell their house immediately.  States that have community property laws will allow investors to search for those who are going through divorce.

Another way to find desperate sellers is to look for those who are falling behind on their taxes.  Investors who spend a bit of time in the tax assessor’s office or use the online equivalent should be able to determine which homeowners aren’t paying their taxes.  At this point, an investor simply needs to send a mailing to these individuals and wait for a response.

Many investors choose to search for desperate sellers by targeting those who recently inherited property.  Again, use the public records in order to find recently deceased homeowners.  Investors then need to send a mailing to this address and wait for the new owner to initiate contact.

Investors who focus on finding desperate sellers should have more than enough business and be able to earn a substantial income in the field.

Asking questions with these tips in mind will help save real estate investors thousands.  For more ideas related to real estate investing, call or visit us a  We are the nation’s number one home buying franchise with over 15 years of experience.  Our company has a vast assortment of real estate investment and real estate franchise opportunities available to help you grow your real estate business.  Come see us for more information.

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