HomeVestors Knows Where To Find Undervalued Properties

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Investors who are just getting started in the field should become experts on finding undervalued property and purchasing them in order to take advantage of increases in appreciation. 

Dallas, Texas HomeVestors is the nation’s number one home buying franchise and has helped real estate investors purchase 50,000 properties over the years.  The company knows that real estate investors who understand which locations are undervalued can purchase property there before median property values adjust to represent the true market value.  While there are many undervalued properties in the United States, two locations that are valued about 20% under their correct value are Cleveland, OH and Palm Bay, FL

There are a number of undervalued properties throughout the United States, but investors who target certain areas are bound to find a large number of these properties in the vicinity.  Investors who search for properties in locations that other large industrial investors have ignored are likely to find better properties, as they don’t have to compete with these investors.

It is hard to ignore locations like Cleveland, OH and Palm Bay, FL, as property values here have been deemed to be 20% below where they should be.  Investors who purchase properties in these two locations can almost be certain to capitalize on the appreciation, as soon as the market recognizes the true value of these areas.  When targeting these areas, look for properties that are being sold by desperate sellers to capitalize even more from the acquisition.

While these two locations are a great start for investors who are looking for undervalued properties, investors who have a knack for finding property sold by desperate sellers are able to purchase undervalued properties in any real estate market.  Beginning investors should begin a strong marketing program aimed at targeting these desperate sellers.  First, start an advertising program that focuses on using the Internet.  Desperate sellers are bound to search for a solution to their problem through an Internet search.  Investors who pay for advertising should be able to expose their services to these individuals.

Another way to find undervalued properties is to physically canvass neighborhoods, looking for those who are interested in selling their properties quickly.  This technique is a good way to get one’s name out in the business and develop a reputation as an investor who purchases properties with cash.  The effectiveness of this technique surpasses many passive advertising strategies because an investor is able to physically talk with sellers and make a deal with them.

The key to being a successful investor is to be able to target undervalued properties and purchase them before another investor does so.

About HomeVestors of America Inc.

Dallas-based HomeVestors of America, Inc. is the largest buyer of houses in the U.S., with 50,000 houses bought since 1996. HomeVestors trains and supports its independently owned and operated franchisees that specialize in buying and rehabbing residential properties.  Most commonly known as the “We Buy Ugly Houses®” company, HomeVestors strives to make a positive impact in each community.  In 2012, for the seventh consecutive year, HomeVestors was among the prestigious Franchise Business Review’s “Top 50 Franchises,” a distinction awarded to franchisors with the highest level of franchisee satisfaction.  For more information, visit www.HomeVestors.com.

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