Investors Who Invest In The Right Locations Stand To Earn Profits In Real Estate

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In 2013 investors who choose to invest in certain locations are likely to earn profits in real estate. Real estate investing comes down to location and those investors who understand the locations that are bound to be profitable this year stand to earn a great deal. The overall value of the market in these areas is creating investment potential for investors.

Those who earn profits in real estate this year are likely to do it in Tucson, AZ, Austin, TX, or Kansas City, MO. These markets have begun to develop new jobs and have no shortage of individuals who want to purchase houses or rent, giving investors reason to become involved.

Property values in Tucson, AZ fell 31% during the bust, but are now increasing. The mean value for a house located here is $170,000 up 12% from a year ago, indicating a market that is on the rebound. 33% of all sales here are cash sales, meaning that investors have taken note of this market and are pouncing on it.

Tucson, AZ has a large population of renters and investors who purchase apartment complexes stand to do well here. They can purchase these complexes now, while they are still priced low, rent them out and consider selling in the near future for a respectable return on their investment.

Austin, TX is another great city for investors to consider, as it is has a great deal of careers with in the tech sector. This is creating an influx of immigration to the area and giving many individuals the capital to purchase housing. Unemployment is down to 6.3% and is continuing to drop, as jobs continue to pop up. The median value of homes in Austin is $229,500 making it affordable to those with decent careers. In order to earn profits in real estate, investors need to put Austin, TX at the top of their list.

Kansas City, MO is third on the list of cities that allow investors to earn profits in real estate. The median value for housing is $134,950 and has increased 4% over the last year. The overall inventory here is down 21% from last year and will lead to an increase in property values all across the board.

Investors who are looking to earn profits in real estate in 2013 should consider these three markets, as they are increasing in value due to job growth within these regions.

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