Big Money Is Investing In Single Family Houses – Why Aren’t You?

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In many cases, copying is the sincerest form of flattery and when big real estate companies are investing their resources in something, smart investors follow suit. Following what big businesses do are not usually in the scope of what most investors can accomplish, but in this case, investing in single family houses, is a pursuit most real estate investors can take on.

Huge real estate companies like Black Stone Group and Colony Capital Group have put most of their eggs in the residential sector basket, in hopes of huge gains. This makes sense when considering the prices of some of these properties. These huge companies are able to earn a discount when buying in bulk and typically purchase properties from REO auctions. These companies are not only doing that, but purchasing single family houses from the MLS and local investors, as well.

Most people associate these gigantic corporations with huge commercial complexes and hotels. While many of these companies have focused on this pursuit in the past, their analysts have determined that the money is currently in single family houses. This is where they are placing their bet and investors who jump on board, are likely making a logical choice.

They are purchasing these single family houses for prices that are way, way below market value and putting in the effort to fix them up. They are likely planning to wait for a little while before listing these properties on the market, as they are most likely expecting property values to continue climbing.

Black Stone Group and Colony Capital Group are focusing on single family houses in AZ, CA, FL, GA, NC, and NV. These states were the hardest hit by the market crash and many homes in these states are still under water. These companies are purchasing these homes from the banks and alleviating them of their excess inventory.

In order to have an understanding of the general scale that these real estate companies have pursued, consider that Black Stone Group has purchased 6,500 single family houses valued at $1 billion and Colony Capital Group, 4,000 houses. This is no small undertaking and small time investors are probably asking themselves if there are any properties left.

Real estate investors are lucky because, yes, there are more single family houses on the market that can be purchased for way under market value. An investor, who wishes to pursue this type of property and put in the necessary rehab, can earn a profit. Follow the big real estate companies and take advantage of their market analysis by investing in single family houses.

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