Sun Belt Real Estate Is Hot

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Real estate investors who invest in sub belt real estate stand to earn a profit from their investments, as many individuals are moving to these regions in search of a better life. This migration trend doesn’t only included citizens of the United States, but many other nationalities as well. Canadians are investing in Sun Belt real estate in vast numbers and investors who cater to these individuals can find buyers for their real estate rather quickly.

Sun belt real estate includes properties in Florida, Texas and the Southwest regions, like Arizona. These states have long been known as the place to go by those looking at retirement and those who are wishing to escape the cold during the winter. Some individuals are deciding to make a permanent residence in Sun Belt real estate regions because many of these locations are beginning to offer new jobs and are bringing prosperity to the area.

Real estate investors who want to capitalize on Sun Belt real estate should focus on distressed sellers, as there are still quite a few. In fact, Phoenix, the capital of home foreclosures reports that 60% of sales in the region are from distressed sellers. This number should attract the attention of investors looking to land a deal.

Not only are people desperate to sell here, they are also looking to buy, creating a scenario that any investor should take note of. Some real estate investors who choose to invest in Sun Belt real estate may consider advertising directly to foreigners, especially Canadians, as they are excited about the opportunity of living in this region.

The median housing price in Phoenix was $119,000 in November of 2012 and has been increasing steadily as investors are purchasing more underwater properties. Over 100 properties reach the auction block in Phoenix every month, but those investors who can strike deals before houses get to this stage can capitalize on the market in Phoenix.

As the population rises in the Sun Belt real estate regions, like Phoenix, real estate investors have many choices as to how to generate capital. Investors can purchase cookie cutter houses in the suburbs and rent them out to individuals looking to enjoy the winter here. They can also purchase distressed houses, fix them up and sell them to individuals who are looking to live in this region. Both techniques are bound to earn capital and those investors who are focusing on Sun Belt real estate are likely to earn a profit in 2013.

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