Successful Real Estate Investors are a Special Breed

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Successful Real Estate Investors are unique people who know what they want and get it.   These are people from all different walks of life, young or old, doctors or high school drop outs, the point is anyone can be a successful real estate investor if they have the right mind set.  Individuals who are getting started in Real Estate investment need to understand the amount of work and dedication it will take to be successful.  Follow in the steps of real estate investment gurus and mimic their persistence.

Successful real estate investors have a plan and modify that plan to meet their goals.  Write down a daily, weekly, monthly, yearly, and a 5-year plan.  Continue to take baby steps and don’t let frustration set in if these goals aren’t met.  Make sure the plans are realistic and make the goals attainable.

Go network to make friends and speed up the learning curve.  Find a mentor who is willing to offer advice and strategies, while teaching you to avoid pitfalls.  Get to know everyone in the business and fall into a lucrative deal mediated through the help of this professional.

Once you have properties, understand that they aren’t all going to turn out in your favor.  Get rid of properties that are just not lucrative.  When starting in the real estate business realize that many mistakes are going to be made and mistakes cost money.  Have enough capital to cover errors and do your best not to repeat them.

Make sure to protect your assets by titling assets under different entities.  Do not title all your assets under one corporation because if that corporation gets sued you stand to lose your entire portfolio.  Do not title assets under your name, use the protection of a land trust in order to ensure privacy and avoid personal legal ramifications.

Have a code of ethics and stick to it.  There is nothing good about earning millions of dollars against your ethical standards and not being able to sleep at night.  Follow your heart and do things the right way.

Treat people with great respect and they shall repay it back to you.  Understand that money doesn’t make the man and that everyone is equal.  Remain humble because no one likes to deal with an individual who is a braggart.

Take your real estate education seriously and take time out of every day to read, learn and apply new strategies in this business.

Teach and mentor others, not only is it a positive thing to do, but it will allow you to leverage your time.  Teach a motivated newcomer the strategies behind real estate investing and help them secure their first deal.  Let them take over the brunt of the work and allow you the freedom to relax and enjoy the fruits of you labor.

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