Advertising through Craigslist

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With almost 50 million unique visits every month, Craigslist has become a “hot” marketing tool for many businesses. The simple and no-fuss search experience it provides makes it appealing to both businesses and consumers alike. You won’t see any fancy graphics. You just get in, obtain the information you need – and then leave. If you’re a real estate investor, you’ve probably utilized this platform. The problem is you may not be presenting your ads the right way. Craigslist is like an online version of the classifieds, but just because it’s mostly classified ads doesn’t mean yours has to be boring. Remember, you’re not the only one advertising there. Your ads must standout and prompt those users to call. So, the real question becomes: how do you do it?

Here are a few useful tips:

Use attention-grabbing headlines. Make your ad standout by highlighting what’s unique about your listing. For example, if your listing is a single-family property in Los Angeles, your copy might read, “Move your family to the city of the stars!” Or if your listing is a beach-front property perfect for retirees, your headline can be “Retiring? Get your own paradise beach house!”

Insert an attractive image. Use the best photo of your listing. Choose one that supports what’s in your headline. If your headline boasts of your beach house listing, select the photo that includes the property with the view of the beach.

Make property information short. This part of the ad doesn’t need to be too wordy. Make it concise and straight to the point. You want to place teasers and not present all there is to know in one go. Make your readers go to your website to find out more.

Use everyday English. Write copies as if you’re talking to a friend and not like a commercial where you bombard viewers with hard-selling scripts or spiels. Just go direct to the point but make sure everything’s clear and understandable. Avoid jargons.

End with a powerful call-to-action. The call-to-action (CTA) portion of your ad must be as powerful as the headline. Draw visitors to your website to find out more about your listing. You can also use your CTA to optimize your website by placing an anchor text or hyperlink leading your readers to your website. See the example below:

This is your chance to buy your own beach house and enjoy all the comforts that beach life has to            offer. So call us now or visit us online at We’ll make your dream a reality.

Make more than 1 version of the ad. Create 3 different versions of ad for the same listing if possible. This’ll avoid monotony and keep things fresh and interesting. This’ll also help create more leads.

Advertising through Craigslist may be a chore for many businesses, but it’s those who put more effort into it that land the most leads. Take time to create attractive ads to help you market your listings more effectively. If you need more helpful marketing tips for your real estate investments, talk to us at or visit our website today.

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