Real Estate Investing without the Sweat

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People talk about making millions in real estate without having to put in a lot of time and effort. Those numbers are usually greatly exaggerated. However, there are other options for real estate Investors that do involve very minimal time and effort investment. The least time consuming of all of these is the real estate note.

A real estate note is an agreement for an individual or business to make payments to pay off a real estate transaction. The indebted person makes monthly payments to the holder of the note. Normally,   the note holder uses the money as incoming cash flow. However, there are occasions when the entire balance due on the note is needed. The holder of the note may choose to sell the note instead.

A real estate investor may choose to purchase these real estate notes for the full balance on the note. This is considered a fair and equitable trade. However, an investor can purchase some notes for less than the amount owe3d on them. In some cases, it can be for as little as $.40 cents per dollar owed. These notes are usually low or non performing notes, new notes, or loan pools. The amount of profit the real estate investor receives is the difference between the amount he pays for the note and the amount that the investor receives to pay off the note.

If you are considering purchasing a real estate note, make sure it has the following information.

The note should always have listed the amount of the note, as well as the amount of the Unpaid Principal Balance. This allows the investor to see how much has been paid, how much is left, and the likelihood the debt will be repaid.

The next items to look for are the location of the property and the property type. If you had to foreclose on the property due to lack of payment, it is important to know where the property is and what kind of home you are looking for.

In addition, the real estate note should also include any commission, payment terms, due diligence and closing periods, as well as any exit strategy. These are important factors that indicate a healthy, upfront investment. If the numbers line up well, the real estate note would be a great investment opportunity.

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