HomeVestors Reveals Top Reasons Real Estate Profits are Inconsistent

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Real estate investors have difficulty making consistent money through investing. The nation’s largest home buying franchise has pinpointed some of the problems in the investment process.


Dallas, Texas – Fifteen years ago, HomeVestors® discovered the necessity for real estate investors to buy, sell, and rent properties at a profit. The company has spent the last decade fine tuning their real estate investment approach. This has eliminated many of the common mistakes that investors when getting started.

Not Watching Trends

Although day traders spend day and night glued to news station, most real estate investors simply flip to something more interesting to watch. These investors get in trouble due to a lack of knowledge about the economy and its trickle down effects. Out of ignorance, they make moves that  are not financially feasible given the current market condition for their area.

Too Many Deals Passed

A second place investor get in trouble is by passing on smaller deals. Fishing shows are filled with sportsman that catch and release those nice, tasty pan-sized fish in hopes of bringing in the big one.  Most real estate investors work under the same hope of landing the ultimate real estate deal, and they miss out on lots of filling smaller transactions. Smart investors know that several small profit transactions can add up  to one large profit transaction.

Long Pauses in Business

Some investors buy property and then have nothing else to do accept wait for its value to go up. In the meantime, they pay for the maintenance as well as the mortgage, insurance, and property taxes. A monthly income can be generated by renting or leasing these same properties. The money can be used to pay for the property’s bills or to create a consistent monthly income for the investor.

Not Staying Within Their Areas of Expertise

Many real estate investors have a niche market that guarantees a client base of some kind.  They learn these properties, and what their customers expect. They know what quality rehab is required for their customer base, and get good at buying that level. When they get in trouble is when they venture outside their level of expertise. They get good at lower priced houses, so they decide to buy a more expensive house, but do not understand what quality that customer expects. Or, if they are used to buying more quality house, and buy in a lower market, they spend too much on the rehab making the house unprofitable.

About HomeVestors:
HomeVestors is the number one ranked home buyer and real estate franchise in America. They are the well-established real estate brand also known as the We Buy Ugly Houses people. Their marketing and real estate investing strategies have proven successful, and have resulted in over 50,000 properties bought across the United States.


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