Real Estate, More Strategy than Luck

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Lots of people feel they aren’t lucky enough to go into real estate investment. They mistakenly believe that real estate investing requires a visit by Lady Luck every day in order for you to have any amount of success. Although this is an interesting theory, the majority of the success real estate investors have in investing is through strategy more than luck.

Think Long Term!

Most stock holders don’t make their money by buying a stock today and selling it tomorrow. They carefully select their stocks based on previous performance and then buy a select number of stocks to hold onto over time. This is exactly where most real estate investors get it wrong.

Real estate investment is actually a long term investment with a property. These properties can be rented, leased, or sold. However, investors really get their money back plus a decent amount of profit if they hold on to them for an average of 3 to 5 years. Buying low to mid-range properties usually will pay for themselves very quickly once they are rented out.

Don’t Plan on Quick Money

Contrary to the popular guru, You should not count on quick money and quick access to money in real estate investment. Some properties will sell quickly once they are put on the market. However, most do not.

Less Risk

By hanging on to your investment properties, you reduce your risk for failure in your real estate investments. Trying to sell them fast actually decreases your chances of receiving the maximum amount of profit. By keeping your properties for multiple years, you earn monthly cash flow for immediate profit. Then, selling it years later, you earn additional profit above what you have already earned.

In addition, low- and moderate-income properties usually appreciate slowly instead of depreciate. This reduces your risk over time as well. By using these types of properties as real estate rentals, you are going to get your money back monthly whether the property values go up or down. This kind of guaranteed income makes it easier to budget and balance your finances.

Real estate investing is all about strategy. Buy low to moderate income properties and use them for rentals. This gets your money back over time with very little risk. For more information on real estate investing, call or visit us at We are the nation’s number one home buying franchise with over 15 years of experience buying and selling properties. We have a vast assortment of real estate investments and real estate franchise opportunities available to meet your business’s needs. Come let us help you grow your real estate business.

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