Get a Great Real Estate Business Team, Including an Assistant

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Every successful real estate professional will tell you your success greatly depends upon the people you have working with you. You need a team, and the sooner you put a great one together, the faster your business is going to grow. The only problem is figuring out how to put a successful team of talented individuals together.

Start by getting motivated and making good business decisions. Establishing a good track record, even as a beginner will have people scrambling to work with you.

Observe and Invite. If you want the best people working for you, look at the places you like to go for pleasure and business. It may be the bathroom soap you like, or it could be the people that are there. After figuring out the reason, invite the people you enjoy being around to work for you. Chances are if they impress you there, they will impress your clients too.

Competitors’ businesses are not off-limits when looking for team members. However, you must realize you may have a hard time recruiting them, and you will receive a lot of grief for doing it too.

Look for Potential. Your education is your most valuable asset outside of your attitudes and behaviors. Not every position requires a college degree, although degrees are helpful. Look for hard working employees with a desire to grow. These individuals will turn into outstanding real estate team members. Once they are recruited and started showing their potential for you, offer to help them pay for their schooling. This creates a sense of loyalty that will keep the team member around for a long time.

No Fluff only Success. When you start looking for team members, you are going to get a lot of resumes. These are often filled with fluff that is meaningless or craftily designed to get your attention. While these are fine, instead give them a trial period. Give them a task or questions that they must complete. If you approve of their performance, ask them to stay. If you don’t, tell them it won’t be a good fit after all. Be sure to pay them for their time and effort. This keeps you from hiring someone just to have a warm body, and it establishes a certain reputation and standard for your business.

Each real estate business team member is a great asset. Take the time to find those diamonds in the rough. They may turn  out to be priceless! For more topics related to real estate investors or investments, visit us at We also have the real estate franchise opportunities that will grow your business by leaps and bounds.

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