Finding Motivated Sellers

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Every real estate investor faces times of great luck as well as lean when it comes to finding great real estate investment properties. Most experienced investors will tell you that finding the right properties is a balance between knowing where to look and perfect timing. If you are having trouble locating good investment properties, try looking in these locations.

MLS, Real Estate Agent lists, and Real Estate Websites

Homeowners are becoming pretty resourceful when it comes to getting the information out about their home for sale.  Most homeowners sign with a real estate agent for a short term. As their contract runs out, real estate agents typically lose interest in the home, and homeowners start getting desperate. If you can find out which homes are running out of their contracts or have run out recently, you have a pretty good chance of finding decent investment properties with sellers that want to sell.

If you have a real estate agent you have partnered with, they will usually be willing to get you a list of properties that have expired or are fixing to. Unless they have listed with another agent, most of these homeowners will be happy to hear an offer.

Property Taxes

Every community has them, even mobile homes that are fixed to the ground. These have to be paid regularly on time. If they are not, the local government can put a lien on the home, or they may even foreclose on it. This information takes awhile to look up, but it is worth it. Most of the homeowners that are behind on their property taxes are willing to listen your offers. Most local Property Tax Assessors have a website where you can search for properties with late property taxes.

Mobile Home Parks

Most real estate investors fail to consider mobile homes as real estate investments. However, many of these properties are beautiful and cheap, two of the things real estate investors love. Not every mobile home will be in the middle of a mobile home park, but many of them are. The managers of these properties are usually a wealth of information on who is late on their lot payments and who may be selling their home soon. Building a good relationship with these managers will help you to get the first scoop on who may need your real estate business’s attention. Of course, bonus payments for referrals can always help increase the number of those references.

Other Real Estate Investors

Some real estate investors are very particular about the types of properties they purchase. If something doesn’t fit their niche, they may pass on it. By getting to know these other investors, you increase your chances of finding really great properties.  Once they know what it is you are looking for, they will pass you information about properties they cannot use.

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