Real Estate Investment Money Making

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In real estate investment, there is a long and varied list of ways to make money in real estate. Some of them a very simple and self explanatory. Others are pretty complex. No matter what other people think, there is a lot of potential money to be made in real estate investing if you know where to look and how to approach it.


Wholesaling is the real estate investment strategy most people are familiar with. It requires shopping around to find properties that you purchase below market value. Usually these properties can be in foreclosures, bankruptcy, estate sales, HUD auctions, or IRS sales. After the property is bought, it can be sold at any time. The key to making the most money is to buy the property well under market value. That way you have room for price flexibility and still be able to make a profit.


Rehabbing takes lots of elbow grease, but it has the potential to make a lot of money. Properties are usually bought at or below market value. Then, the properties are brought up to code and renovated to raise its value. If the properties are worth much less than the land they are on, some real estate investors may choose to tear down the existing building and put up a new one. In many cases this actually generates a substantially greater amount of profit. Afterwards, the properties are either kept and rented out or sold for a profit.  Depending upon the neighborhood, these properties can generate quite a healthy amount of profit.

Conversion of Property

Many real estate investors make money by converting properties. This is done by finding a structure with great bones and potential. Then, the building is repurposed. This often leads to a greater sale prices or monthly revenues. This is often seen when apartment or office buildings are transformed into condos or lofts or when large pieces of land are broken into small sections are sold off.


Many commercial and residential owners find themselves getting behind on their property taxes. With some research, you can find properties that have liens on them, are fixing to be foreclosed on, or are up for auction. Many of these properties are in good condition. If you buy one with a tax note, your interest rates can actually generate you quite a healthy amount of profit.

Money can be made just about anywhere in real estate investment. For more ideas regarding real estate investing, call or visit us at We have a large selection of real estate investments as well a real estate franchise opportunities to meet your real estate business needs.

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