Make Your Moves in the Long Term

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The majority of investors make their money in the stock market. They are caught up in constantly watching the numbers and buying and selling their stocks quickly. Although it is great for an adrenaline pumping day, it is not conducive to a healthy lifestyle. Real estate is another great investment, but it moves in slower terms. The difference between stock market investments and real estate investments is similar to the difference between email and snail mail. They both involve timing, but the means are different. For a longer life and less risk, consider real estate investing.


Unlike day trading, real estate timing is somewhat different. Growth and recession are like pendulum swings that happen in ten year intervals. So specifically timing the correct move is less about staring at the computer screen with your finger posed over the mouse button and more about lots of research, reading, listening, and waiting.

Values and Holding

Most properties increase in value naturally over time. Over the last fifty years, the value of properties has gone through several different growth periods. There have been rapid growth years where property values skyrocketed. Then, there have been periods of time when there was negative growth. The majority of the time, real estate values slowly climb. World events will effect how dramatically the prices climb or fall which causes many real estate investors to rush to sell their investments. However the majority of the time, holding on to these properties is usually the best investment idea.

Appreciation is the natural increase in the value of the property over time. However, it also depends upon the state of world events and the current real estate market. Buying a property and hoping to sell it after it has appreciated is a decent idea, but there are times when there is little or no appreciation. That can have a very negative impact on your bottom line. Instead of counting on the appreciation of the home to make you money, always try to get a little more savings on the buying end. That way you are more likely to have equity in the home right after purchase.


Every real estate investor has the choice of using the cash flow that is brought in monthly or reinvesting it. Bills should be paid off, and there should be food on the table and gas in the car. Reinvesting your extra money into your real estate investments will increase the number of your investment holdings over time. Reinvesting will also double or triple your available cash flow over time the next ten to thirty years.

Long term investment may not have you driving BMW’s immediately, but it will have you comfortably set for life. If you are interested in real estate investing or real estate franchises, call or visit us today at


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