Real Estate Investment Financing

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For beginners, finding money for investments can be confusing and hard. Many people think that only complex, big boy strategies work. However, with a little creativity and ingenuity, you can find an alternative way to solve your investment funding goal problems or barriers.

Creative Financing & Funding Sources

Investors and Partners – If you know other real estate investors in your area, partnering with them on a deal will bring need funds to get you started and also help encourage you to succeed so you can return their money plus interest.

Financial Lenders – These are the typical funding sources for most real estate purchases.

Friends and Family – Although you hesitate borrowing money from them, some family and friends trust you enough to invest their money  in your real estate pursuits.

Other Property Collateral can be used to help secure funding with financial lenders.

Property Equity can be borrowed against or pulled to obtain a new property.

Realtors on your team can help put you in touch with other individuals that might be interested in investing with you.

Buyers and Renters consistently send money your way to pay for the right to your property. Pitching them ability to buy into your investments may bring more funds your way. In addition, renters’ deposits and rents can be counted as credits in your HUD settlement statement. This lessens the amount you have to come up with at closing.

Options & Leases allow you to purchase properties without having to have all of the money upfront.

Seller Financing can be used to obtain new properties. This usually involves a special arrangement with the seller, a down payment, and a good binding contract that keeps the seller from being able to forfeit or sell the property to someone else underneath you.

First Time Home Buyer Programs, Local Government Down-Payment Assistance & Loan programs are designed to help buyers, including real estate investors, purchase properties for personal or investment use. The guidelines and rules will have to be followed, but they give you an extra avenue for funding.

Existing Mortgages can often be refinanced to include funds for other properties. Combining mortgages or loans will increase your principal amount, but it may also help you to obtain a smaller interest rate.

401K Borrowing isn’t something that is normally recommended. However, borrowing money from it can help you put money down on a property.

Credit Card Checks are often given as promotional items with new credit cards. Using these can give you access to funds you didn’t have before.

If you are trying to figure out how to finance a real estate investment, creativity and ingenuity will bring you the funds you are looking for. For more information on funding and real estate investments, visit us at We have a ton of real estate investment and real estate franchise opportunities available. Call or visit us today for more information.

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