How Serious Are you?

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The biggest problem for real estate investors is figuring out just how serious you are going to be. Many people want to get started, but they just aren’t sure how much time, effort, and commitment they can give to it.

The first group of investors starts gathering information, but cannot make a serious commitment. That is what kills his success from the start.

The second group of investors wants to switch to a new career and make the commitment. Unfortunately, they lack the knowledge or know—how to get started.

Third group of investors started gung ho. They made a lot of investments. Now, they aren’t sure what to do with the investments they have, and they don’t have the cash flow to keep them all going.

The fourth group of investors works tirelessly and is totally committed to real estate investment. He loves the idea of it, but he is always relying on someone to help complete the transaction. He never makes any money because many of his investment fall through.

Real estate investors come in all shapes and sizes and so do properties. The good news is anyone can make money in real estate. You don’t have to rely on someone else or have millions of dollars worth of back up funding or expensive training courses or seminars to be successful. You just have to think cleverly and clearly about property.

Successful Property Money Making
Once you determine how serious you are about making real estate investment a successful career opportunity, you can begin actually investing. It’s really simple. Buy a property. Then:

Rent – either on a year to year or month to month basis let a family pay you for the right to live there

Sell – transfer ownership of the property from you to a buyer

Lease-option – Let a family lease the property for you and pay for the right to buy it from you in the future

Owner finance – You float the note for a family to buy a property from you. They pay you the mortgage payments.

How much time and money you want to invest into the property is up to you. How fast you want your money back is also a huge determining factor in what you do with the property. Smart investors diversify their portfolios to include a little of each. The more cash there is coming in, the more money you have to invest.

How serious are you about real estate investment? Are you serious enough to become part of the nation’s biggest home buying franchise? Homevestors has been the leader for the last five years in the nations home buying real estate businesses. Visit us at for more information on real estate investment and real estate franchise opportunities.



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