First Timers

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Real estate investing is not difficult. Many people want to take part in it but find themselves confused or intimidated. There are so many types of real estate investing and a large number of options that you can do with those properties.

Reselling houses quickly is not considered realistic today. For a long time, homes have been selling well below their mortgage rates across the nation. In many locations, they have sold for half or a third of their value. As a real estate investor, this type of market makes renting or leasing real estate a much better alternative.

The plan

If you want to start real estate investing, the plan is very simple:
Find an inexpensive fixer-upper.
Use your savings or alternative financing to purchase the property.
Rent the house or sell it.


Although in reality it takes longer to do each step, there really isn’t a simpler way to increase your investment dollars. The best way to do it is to treat it like you were buying the property for yourself, which a lot of investors do. Look for properties you would want to live in and have the ability to fix up. Talk about the house like you love it and would live in it. That personal touch is what will make you successful.

Savings and CDs

Some people question the amount of money to be made in real estate investment. In fact, quite a few will tell you your money is better off in a CD or savings account. Some people consider banks and the government good investments. However, the only thing that is valuable when all goes wrong is the thing you can touch. In this case, that tangible object is real estate.

Stock Market

Stocks are wonderful, especially if you like living on the edge. The numbers go up and down and up and…. The unknown is awful scary. Even though the stock market has been around for ages, no one can predict how high or low it will go and when. This last crash people lost almost all of their money. Don’t let your investments crash. Stick with the tangible…real estate.

Gold and Silver

Precious metals like gold and silver always have worth to someone, especially if they are pure. Right now, the price of gold is continuing to climb, but no one knows how long that will last. Like the stock market, the value of precious metals has been a roller coaster ride. Although they are tangible, they can’t keep you warm and dry. Property is a much better investment.

First Timers or long timers have the potential to make a lot of money in real estate investment and real estate franchises. The first step is to decide to invest. They rest will fall in place. For more information on real estate investment and real estate franchises, visit us at

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