Investment Marketing

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In real estate investment, marketing makes a big difference. Doing it correctly can mean the difference between making a sale/rental and having an empty property for months. Many real estate investors have started using online marketing in addition  to their real life marketing strategies. They have found it has greatly increased their sales and rentals. For the best online marketing efforts, you have to pay attention and get it right.


Studies have proved that timing is everything with online marketing. Most individuals check their social media in the latter part of the week and in the late evening and early morning hours. The most successful real estate investors will place their marketing at these times. It is more likely that the articles/flyers/ads will be read quickly and acted upon just as quick.

Every real estate investor can expect that their local clientele are going to act different with social media. Their actions and usage will depend greatly upon their area of the country. For the best timing, experiment greatly. Observe when you, your friends, and family are on the internet. That’s when you should be posting, especially on classified ad sites like Craigslist.

The Wording

When you read an article, story or paper, there is something that catches your eye and makes you want to read it further. When marketing for real estate, you have to do the same thing. This is hard because you are often limited on words and space. No matter how big the ad is going to be, make sure that you have one heck of a title and a reason to contact you. Boring writing doesn’t impress you, and its less likely to impress your buyers. Get a little crazy with your writing. It’s much more fun and interesting!

Call to Action

Every ad, article, etc. has to have a call to action. Even the sports channels have a place dedicated to a call to action.  This is an opportunity for everyone to express their opinions in an honest manner without fear of retaliation. Every marketing piece you have has to have something for people to do or participate in. If it lacks this, people will read your ad and not feel pulled to follow up on it. This one missing piece can lose you a lot of sales.

In order for your real estate business to be successful, you have to market your properties. The timing, wording, and call to action make a huge difference between a glance over and a call. For more information and topics related to real estate investment, visit us at We have lots of opportunities for real estate investment as well as real estate frnachise opportunities.

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