Don’t be Blindsided

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When the economy collapsed and the real estate bubble burst, many real estate investors found themselves blindsided. They had been solely focused upon one area of the real estate. When everything fell apart, they never saw it coming. They lost clients, tenants, money, etc.

The sad news is that real estate professionals don’t have to be blindsided or solely focused. In fact, most professional real estate experts will advise you to diversify your real estate business portfolio to keep from experiencing these types of short comings. You need to have multiple sources of cash flow or income.

Diversify Your Cash Flow

This actually sounds harder than it is. Real estate professionals have several options open to them that can easily create multiple income avenues without a whole lot of extra work.

Buying without a lot of investment

Some fancy people call this wholesaling. This is where you find decent properties and you purchase them for a reasonable amount considering their current condition, potential in the market place, and the amount it will take to put them at peak conditions. However, you may not have the money to do all of the repairs yourself or to hire someone to do all of the repairs. Instead of investing more of your money, you put the property out there for other interested investors to get at a slightly increased price over what you paid for it.

Buy, Invest, and Sell for Retail

Retail is the potential market value of the home depending on its location. Once the home has been purchased. It is normally fixed up to the high standards that exist within the neighborhood. Then, it is put up for sale. These types of houses really appeal to first time buyers. By the time the house is closed on, it normally sells for retail value.

Alternate Financing
The first two types of investment are great. They can get you a Lease Options and Getting Deeds
cent fixer-upper property for very little, and with a lot of work, you can get some money back out of it. There is quite a bit more money is pretty houses than in fixer-uppers, and the best part is you don’t have to fix them up!

Lease options allow you to put a house on the market for full value. Then, buyer may not have great credit. Therefore, they sign a lease and pay you a monthly lease or rent payment in addition to a payment to have the option of buying the house at a later date. If they decide not to buy, you get to keep their “option to purchase” money. You actually get money for trying to sell them the property.


Seller(Investor) Financing

In this situation, you work with buyers that do not typically qualify for a loan. By carrying the loan for the property, you open yourself up to more buyers. Since you are floating the note, you also can set the interest rate for the loan at any rate you want. This has the potential to greatly increase the amount you bring in over time.

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