Another Case for Proper Inspection

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As a real estate investor, you may come across many deals that may seem too good to be true. Sometimes, these are really good real estate investments. At other times, these properties have hidden problems. To prevent getting stuck with a secret lemon, real estate investors have must a proper inspection performed.

Even though real estate investors are seasoned professionals when it comes to looking at properties, it takes a true professional inspection to uncover many of the problems that homes can have. This is especially true when it comes to homes that have been in severe storms, flooding, fires, and earthquakes. Although these are natural disasters everyone goes through, a normal person may not see the true effects of these disasters upon a property.

The fact is there are lots of places normal people, including cleaning companies, would not think to look for damage.

Behind the drywall is a major area for mold growth. Normally, this occurs in bathrooms where regular drywall instead of green board or hardy board was used. The paper feeds the hungry  growth. In the rest of the home, this can occur anyplace that there has been water exposure.

Another place often overlooked is the insulation. If a home has had problems with leaks or flooding, the insulation can hold water for long periods of time, sometimes even months. If it is not checked, the water can stagnate, leading to terrible smells as well as mold and mildew growth.

Framing timbres are another place that needs checking. These boards can absorb water and warp. They can also weaken after long exposure to severe wind or shaking. Over time, these timbers can crack and break causing major structural damage. If left unchecked or repaired, it may also lead to structural failure.

The problem with most of these  areas is some people wouldn’t check them, and they could just cover them up with new drywall or a fresh coat of paint. These makes the home look fine until someone starts getting sick from the high mold exposure or the roof falls in. The only thing that can prevent you from making these same real estate investment mistakes is getting a professional inspection. They look where no ordinary person would even think to look, and they can spot potential problems before they get out of hand.

Make the time to get the professional real estate inspection before  you lay down any money, Your pocketbook will be glad you did. For more information on real estate investment and real estate franchise opportunities, visit us at


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