Log Homes

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In the early days settlers made their homes out of logs due to the lack of other building materials. The logs turned out to be a little bulky to put together, but the homes they created were sturdy, insulated naturally, and were very pretty. The last few decades, log homes have become popular again. The smell of the wood combined with its rustic appearance makes these homes very desirable by individuals from all walks of life. If you are looking to make a real estate investment or to buy a home, log homes are a great investment for the future.

Why a Log Home?

Unlike what most people believe, including real estate investors, log homes are great for heating and cooling. They hold heat well in the winter and keep the interior of the home cooler in the summer. Most logs homes have open floor plans that families these days want, and that openness makes it really easy to heat or cool an entire space with very little energy.

Log homes are actually safer in the case of fire. Unlike homes made with insulation, logs actually burn slowly. Without the insulation that burns rapidly and feeds the fire around it, logs have very low flammability. They take longer to burn and actually give dwellers more time to escape safely.

Unlike stick homes, log homes are relatively easy to maintain and repair. If the home is prepped properly before construction, there is very little problem with bugs or with rot and damage. With stick homes, any problems have to immediately be torn out, and entire walls have to be rebuilt. With log homes, only the damaged or rotting logs have to be replaced. This greatly reduces the amount of repair time needed. For bugs, a thick concrete slab that leaves the wood at least 8 inches from the ground helps to eliminate termite problems in addition to a termite shield which lies between the concrete slab and the sill plate. Proper spraying or treating of the area will greatly reduce any other problems just like it does with a normal home. Using cedar logs instead of pine logs naturally repels most other insects.


Some real estate investors are severely concerned about cracks in the logs of the home. These cracks give the sensation that wood may be rotting or falling apart. The truth is all wood cracks and splits as it dries as well as with the constant expansion and shrinkage due to the changing cold and hot weather. It is completely natural and just a part of owning a wooden home. The good news is the only checks, also known as cracks, you need to be concerned with are the ones that can hold moisture or allow air to pass through to the outside. If the checks bother you or are ones to be concerned about, they can easily be sealed and filled with a professional grade wood preservative and log builder caulking or log jam chinking. The surfaces can be painted, and no one would ever know there was a check.

Before your real estate business passes on a golden opportunity like log homes, reconsider. The easy maintenance and low utility bills make owning this nugget an easy decision. For more ideas on buying a real estate investment property, visit us at Homevestors.com. We have lots of real estate investment opportunities as well as information on real estate franchises.


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