Real Estate Investors – Use Social Media

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The use of social media is becoming more prevalent in every business industry. In fact, if you haven’t started using it, you are almost a decade behind by now. The good news is setting up social media accounts and using them takes little extra time and effort.

Don’t be like a lot of real estate businesses, and set up an account and then let that be it. You have to actively participate on the social media sites to remain relevant and not get over looked. Here a few ideas to get you started.

Face book

On Face book, create a personal profile and a business page. There are lots of resources for businesses on Face book, but they don’t know you are there if you don’t set up a business page. Next, check in daily to send birthday cards, special occasion cards, comment on other people posts, and update your status. Then, look for other local businesses that have an account on Face book and like it or link to it. This will create a network for you and help others to find you easier. Finally, add interesting client or property photos, slideshows and videos to your account. People do check in to see what new stuff you have posted. By uploading visual content they may be interested in, you encourage them to also stick around or contact you for their business needs.


Twitter is a great resource for real estate investors. Who needs more than 140 characters to advertise their business? For a lot of people, this limiting forces them to be more creative and gives them a little more confidence in actually posting something. First, try tweeting interesting repairs, upgrades, and easy DIY projects. Most of these can be done in short tweets and will encourage others to check in with you to see what should be done. Second, try tweeting interesting facts, funny stories, clean jokes, and other interesting information just to get them thinking, “Who is this guy?” Third, stay relevant. By commenting on events as they happen whether in the news, on the stock market, or in the local area, you look like you are an expert to follow. Fourth, do tweet information on your properties for sale, open houses, properties to rent, and other information that relates to your real estate investment business. As you develop a following, they will start looking for your expert advice, tips, and your properties that are hot because you represent them.

Active Rain

If you haven’t heard of Active Rain, it is THE blog and social media site for the real estate industry. By setting up an account, you connect yourself to real estate professionals from all over the country. There are tips and advice from professionals that have already made it in the business. It is a great place to network and to also look for properties your clients may want.

For more information and ideas on marketing for the real estate investment business, visit us at We are the We Buy Ugly Houses franchise, and we have real estate franchise opportunities available for you.


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