More Real Estate Investor Marketing Ideas

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Sometimes real estate investors need more than traditional snail mail or email marketing campaigns. Companies like Starbucks and Redbox have shown us that there is success to be had in other forms of marketing, like texts, blogs and websites.


Some of the preferred marketing right now is by restaurants and other small businesses that send little texts to clients that sign up. These texts normally include coupons or promo codes that encourage future purchases of their products. While not everyone is into these text blasts, finding them on your cell phone screen does bring a little happiness to your day. As a real estate investor, you can use this to your advantage. You can send out little specials of your own, or you can partner with local business and send out special promo codes or coupons from you to your customers. While your clients may not be knocking on your door, they will appreciate you and so will the local businesses. Karma has a good way of getting around. This is a nice way to make sure the good karma works its way back to you.

Websites & Blogs

If your real estate investment business does not have a website or blog, get one. Many people use these as ways to express their opinions and to inform the public about their goods and services. Although most real estate professional use these just as a way to market a property, you can use them for so much more.

First, try hosting a survey or contest on your site. This will drive more people to actively look at your website. They may provide you with feedback or they may return consistently to find out what other cool stuff you have to offer.

Second, add free material they can download and use. These include eBooks, videos or podcasts, local mortgage rate information, etc. Free material is great, and most people will come to your site just for the free information.

Third, use it as a gateway to your social profiles and vice verse. If you provide a way for them to connect with you on Face book, Twitter, Google, and more, then they will friend or like you on those locations. This increases your potential network of clients and relationships exponentially.

Fourth, you can use your site as a place for customers to let you know what’s on their minds and what their needs are. Q&A sections are good for this, as well as comments, and live webinar events. To bring in lots of attendance, try to bring in a local expert or celebrity from time to time. It will increase the number of your attendees and help get the word out more about your business.

Texts, websites and blogs have more uses than most people realize. Don’t get stuck in the uncreative rut. Use these areas to creatively market your real estate investment business. For more ideas on real estate investment, visit us at If you love real estate investment, ask us about our real estate franchise opportunities.

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