Your Real Estate Investment Team

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As a real estate investor, you know the success of your business investments relies upon the other people that you work with. Some are your business partners. Others are your clients. One key group of individuals you must pay particular attention to is your contractors. Your contractors can make your real estate investments work, or they can break you.

Clean-up Contractors

This contractor is requires little knowledge or skills and often costs you very little to have. However, they make your job of selling rehab or foreclosed homes a little less messy. They usually bring their own tools and clean out whatever needs to be gone before potential rehab investors show up to take a look at the work that needs to be done.

General handyman or Maintenance man

This contractor is able to do a little bit of everything. However, they may not be an expert in any particular area. These contractors are good for smaller repairs and maintenance issues that creep up from day to day. This person can perform some of the work that your clean-up person cannot do that will save time for your renovation team, like mild demo.

Specialty Contractors/Subcontractors:

There are lots of jobs that require a special skill set. These include plumbing, electrical, and HVAC. Having a reliable group of specialists can help you stay on top of repairs and make renovation projects go a lot faster.

General contractor:

The general contractor is the one person that all aspects of a job, including  determining the scope of the job, giving estimates, hiring appropriate sub-contractors, and supervising/overseeing the work. This is the go-to man for every real estate investment team.

Contractors of every type are valuable team members to your real estate investment business. With the right contractors in place, your business is a winner for everyone. Your business can take care of every step of the real estate business from finding the properties and fixing the properties to selling the properties.  Just remember that although you want to profitable, do not take advantage of these contractors. Provide them equitable compensation for their work, and treat them as team members. After all, your real estate investment business will not be as successful without them.

With the right contractors, not only will you be more profitable, your contractors will be too. For more ideas and information on real estate investment or real estate franchise opportunities, visit us at

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