Real Estate investment Careers

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Being successful in a career is generally determined by if you like what you are doing. If you don’t, your job can quickly become a bore, a drag, and a bothersome place to be. Real estate investment is no different. You have to enjoy working with people, taking on landlord duties, handling management, dealing with stress, and balancing tight budgets.  These are the things you have to consider when starting real estate investment careers:

Starting Out

Most budding investors living in the property they  are getting ready to sell. While it can be quite cumbersome at times, it offers lower down-payments and interest rates since it is an owner-occupied building. It also limits the amount of money you have to pay out for living establishments.

Time Availability

Real estate takes a lot of time. The biggest profits are usually on a refurbished rehab or foreclosed property. You make more money if you do the work yourself. When you already work full time, this limits how much you will be able to do on a job. This must be taken into account when trying to figure the profitability of a project.

Personal Life

A successful real estate investment career takes a great deal of effort. Loved ones need to be included in the work so they don’t feel left out, or you need to find someone else to handle many of the time consuming details. This limits your profits, but it may save your marriage.

Your Expectations

Unless you are going to hire a lot of people, your expectations should include a lot of your own personal work being involved. This includes cleaning, painting, laying flooring, and taping off drywall.


Successful real estate investment requires you to see what a property can look like cleaned up and renovated. Reading magazines, watching DIY shows, and researching will help you train your eye. Try to expose yourself to as much as possible. Your instincts will grow and help you make the right choices.

Funding Options

Obtaining the necessary funds to invest at critical moments is a large obstacle many investors have problems with. Savings accounts can provide some of these funds. Loans are hard to obtain for commercial properties and owner occupied properties. Seller financing may be an option, but you will also need money for updates and repairs. Credit cards are an option for some expenses, but they are not great for large purchases over time. Budget plans should include cash for delays and setbacks.

Comfort Level

Your comfort level with risk and investment is a huge concern. Real-estate investing not as risky as other investments. However, there are risk factors no matter what kind of real estate or investment you are working with.


Purchasing investments will take a bite out a lot of your free money. This will mean sacrificing your fun money for awhile, including vacations, eating out, and entertainment. This takes a lot of commitment on you and your family’s part.

Real estate investment is a great way to generate future funds, but it takes careful consideration and planning. For more information on real estate investment or real estate franchise opportunities, visit us at

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