Gettin’ Down in Downtown Dallas

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According to local real estate agents, downtown Dallas is a hot place to live and own a home. Like most large cities, the urban downtown area used to be filled with office buildings and very few reputable residences. In fact in 1996, the downtown area had fewer than 200 residents. In recent years, the number of residents in the downtown area had grown to over 30,000. These new residents are from all over the job spectrum and have fallen in love with the convenience and amenities being downtown offer.


If you are looking for a job, the downtown Dallas area has been known as one of the largest business districts in the north Texas. Due to the vast number of businesses that are attracted to the area, downtown Dallas also has a large number of employment opportunities. The numbers grow everyday with each new business that moves into the area.

Other Amenities

Downtown Dallas is also hot because of the other amenities it offers to the local population. Since it is surrounded by a vast number of businesses, downtown Dallas is also blessed with features like fine dining, upscale shopping and exciting nightlife entertainment. For the discerning palate, restaurants like Old Warsaw, Aurora Maison de Cuisine, Dragonfly, and The French Room are conveniently close. For upscale shopping, residents venture over to long time downtown store Neiman Marcus or over to the Plaza of the Americas.  The nightlife in downtown is amazing. Pei Wei Asian Diner, Shinsei Restaurant, Hibiscus, Lola, and Luqa Restaurant and Petrus Lounge are a few of the offerings available. Downtown Dallas has so much to offer, and this doesn’t take into account the growing number of luxury condos that keep turning up in older office buildings and hotels.

Buy Here?

If you are looking to invest in real estate that has the potential to increase vastly over the next few years in property value, Downtown Dallas is one of your best choices. First, the property taxes are not the cheapest by any means, but they are quite a bit less than areas like Harris County or even counties in New York and New Jersey. Second, the numbers show the area is growing by leaps and bounds. Investing in a property today will bring in revenues quickly as more people look for residences in the downtown area. Third, there are plans in the works for reworking the riverside and adding a large, beautified park area. This is an attempt to bring residents as well as visitors to the riverside area. Fourth, the increased development and accessibility to the transit system encourages further downtown growth. As it grows, more people have access to the businesses, shopping, and dining in the area making them prosperous and your property’s worth increase.

Get into Downtown Dallas, and you’ll see your real estate investments grow. For more information on real estate investment and real estate franchises, look us up at

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