Are you Showing with Technology?

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There are tons of real estate businesses out there. With the current trends in the real estate market, there are three times as many properties available, and there aren’t as many people buying as there were in the real estate boom. The question then becomes, how are you going to stand out as a real estate agent, and how are you going to attract today’s buyers. There are a number of groups and sites popping up that offer some insight to what they feel you should do in the real estate business. Their ideas run the gambit from marketing with small objects like stress balls or key chains to dancing around in a gorilla suit. Anything you that for promotion will get you a little attention and make work for a while. How are you going to attract high quality potential buyers to make those sales?

Borrow Ideas

The truth is no one business or industry has all of the answers on how to be successful, or we would all be millionaires. There are companies in your area that are successful. Look around to find what they are doing to appeal to their market. Then do something similar.

Social marketing

You have a Facebook page, but does your business? Social media is a great outlet for getting your business name out there. Don’t put all of your stock in one account though. MySpace was once popular, and then Facebook came and MySpace faded out. Spread your business name through all of the social media sites, and commit to writing that blog. If you can’t personally do it, hire someone that has the time and SEO word skills to write it for you. There’s nothing like a great ghost writer.

Photos and Videos

Traditionally, real estate agents have used snapshots of properties, but they always followed it up with, “You need to see this in person.” Great photos and videos of your clients’ properties can really boost your sales numbers. Some people say the majority of buyers want to see a video of the property they are interested in buying. Why not be the real estate agent that gives that to them? Either hire a professional or do it yourself, and do it! Professionals know how to play off the right light and angles in rooms, and they can capture amazing views outside. Technology has come so far, that you can create a virtual walkthrough for your buyers. Imagine being able to click on a home and feel as if you are really there. This goes beyond a mere photo or video. This is total sensory immersion.

In order to be a better real estate business in the coming years, be wise now! Step up your game with technology. If your burning desire for the real estate business has you thirsting for more, contact for more information on our real estate investment and real estate franchise opportunities.


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