How to Attract the Best Buyers and Renters

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This started as two separate articles, but the principles are the same for attracting the best buyers and renters. In the real estate business, you only want the best candidates to have the property you are showing. You want to know the property will be taken care of and cherished. How can you ensure that you bring only the best people to your property?


No one will know you property is available for sale/rent if you do not advertise. Getting the property listed with a real estate agent will help people know you are serious about selling/renting the property.  The real estate agent should handle the marketing of your property. Ask how it will be advertised. For optimum sale/rental, the house should be listed online, in the paper, and in any other agent listings.

The Property Sells Itself

Believe it or not, having a clean, up to date property will attract the best clients for you. Keeping the exterior well maintained and colorful brings clients to your door. A fresh coat of paint and up to date appliances and flooring will make most people make an offer. Your appearance and the property’s appearance should be at their best. The person showing the property, usually the real estate agent, should be well dressed and groomed. Dressing well conveys a message that you are serious about this property and its sale/rental. Before showing the property, you should hire a cleaning company to come in and go over everything, especially the carpets. This will ensure the home is in its cleanest condition. Then, stage the home. Empty homes do not bring in as much money because buyers/renters have a harder tie seeing how their belongings will fit into your property.

What is the best buyer/renter?

The best buyer/renter is one that makes an offer and passes your ethical guidelines. Can they pass a background and credit check? Do they have a verifiable job? Do they have references? Do they have money for the deposit and the rent or sale? Have you met everyone that will live there? Do they smoke or have pets? A great buyer/renter will be able to honestly answer all of these questions and more.

After showing them the property and finding out their interests, make sure to get their contact information and run a background check. These checks include not only a person’s criminal history, but also the opportunity to examine their credit score and renting history. If the candidate has skipped out several times before, he probably would not be the best person for your property. Mae sure you screen all of the applicants thoroughly. The future of your property will be in their hands.

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