Real estate investing 101: Ads that attract tenants

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Everything is all about marketing today, traditional, and Internet based. Even the worst jobs or business offers may seem perfect thanks to advertisements and good marketing campaigns. In real estate investing, ads work for both sides very well and bring long-term results, which is most important. It is a fact that it’s not always easy finding a good tenant. HomeVestors® independently owned and operated franchisees have experience in real estate marketing that attracts tenants.

There are many places a savvy real estate investor can place their ad – in the newspapers, on the Internet, through apartment guides, as well as word of mouth and flyers. The newspaper ads remain one of the key tried and true ways of renting your property. You can capture the reader’s attention if the ad looks good and spotlights the right features. A good ad must include a full description, such as house size, number of rooms, does the rent include utilities and any other features you believe are worth mentioning. For an online ad, photos are a must and can really motivate the renter to visit your property.

What you do not put in your ad is important too. Any type of discrimination is not allowed, such as indicating you are seeking female tenants only, or someone of a particular ethnic group or nationality.  To protect your real estate investing business it is recommended you consult an attorney and ask them to review your rental application to confirm it meets the city, state and federal fair housing guidelines.

Naturally you still reserve the right to rent your property to someone who meets your credit or rental history requirements, as well as confirming they do not have a criminal background. This is why it is important that you always research the background of potential tenants and check their rental and credit history.

The advertisements are great marketing tools but don’t oversell what you are offering. Likewise, when you select a tenant make sure you follow through on any changes you promise. Being a bad landlord can not only push the tenant away, but a reputation as a bad landlord travels faster than you can imagine.

Since your ad will not be the only one in newspapers, within your word count limitation, try to use your words wisely. The ad should be informative, attention getting, and fit the target audience by spotlighting trends history shows is important to that audience.

For more information on how to craft the right advertisement to attract tenants, speak to one of the HomeVestors® Development Agents by calling your local franchisee office.  A successful real estate investment business is about being in the people business and speaking the right language for your market.


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