What about Foreclosures?

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CNNMoney.com reported that there were nearly 220,000 foreclosure filings during the month of April, including notices of default, scheduled auctions and bank repossessions. And there are 3.7 million borrowers at least 90 days late on payments. This news has prompted real estate investors across the country to make offers through banks and realtors to purchase many of these distressed properties.

Probably one of the greatest misperceptions about HomeVestors® is that the “We Buy Ugly Houses®” company only buys foreclosures. While some of our franchisees do purchase the occasional foreclosure, the vast majority of the houses we purchase are directly from the owner of the property. Our massive We Buy Ugly Houses brand and advertising campaign prompts sellers to contact HomeVestors directly; and usually before they contact anyone else.

Some real estate investors that are curious about the HomeVestors franchise opportunity may not initially recognize that the We Buy Ugly Houses brand attracts more distressed sellers than any other method. I often hear, “Why would I want to join HomeVestors when I can buy foreclosures on my own”. A clear moment of enlightenment occurs when they learn that HomeVestors franchisees do not buy many foreclosures at all. We receive calls from sellers who invite us into their living rooms and kitchens to help them out of their ugly situation. Making this the best lead a real estate investor will ever have.
Rob Caldwell is a Development Agent with HomeVestors of America and is based in Lake Lure, North Carolina. Rob’s role is to recruit, train and support HomeVestors franchise offices in North and South Carolina. Since 2004 Rob has bought 100’s of houses through the “We Buy Ugly Houses” franchise system. If you are interested in a HomeVestors franchise in the Carolinas, contact Rob today! Rob.Caldwell@homevestors.com or 828-625-5836.

3 Responses to “What about Foreclosures?”

  1. The market is definitely distressed out here as well, BIG TIME! We’ve also made a niche helping home owners avoid a foreclosure with a short sale. I’m bookmarking your blog for future use.

  2. Just Stumbled upon your post while doing some research about this topic. You are definitely an authority in the subject. I’ll have to use this.

  3. Yeah, the market is a mess around the country. Foreclosures left and Right. I’m around the Dallas area and we have been in the pit for the last 3-4 years like much of the country. Hopefully our government will take some REAL action in the near future!

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