Five Keys to Real Estate Investing Success

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Investing is spending money on something in the hopes of making a profit. Real estate investing is all about buying and selling or renting properties. Real estate investing can be a rewarding career but success depends on arming yourself with the right information.

As a first time investor, consider hiring an attorney to review your contract templates and to make sure your company paperwork is in order. Keep in mind that it’s important to understand the state and local laws governing real estate investing. Someone planning a transition to a career as real estate investor should consider seeking legal advice to avoid roadblocks or legal traps.


Here are a few more things to consider about real estate investing:

  1. Educate yourself about real estate investing – This business is competitive and one mistake can be very costly. Take time to talk to someone experienced with real estate investing, such as one of our HomeVestors® Development Agents.
  2. Learn how to practice basic business principles of buying and selling for more than it costs you, as well as how to market your properties with the right tools to reach your potential buyers. Networking with agents and using social media networking sites can help you spread the word quickly about the house you have for sale.
  3. Capital – This is a business that requires money, but HomeVestors® individually owned and operated franchisees know the local market and can share information regarding funding sources.
  4. Make sure you know as much as possible about the property before bidding – Have an understanding of why the property is being sold and how long it has been on the market; knowing the seller’s motivation can be an important factor in negotiations.
  5. Value and Cost – Factors such as location and amenities increase the value and raise the purchase price.  Even if the house will require quite a bit of financial investment for upgrades, many times you can find a good value in a prime location, especially when family members inherit a house their aunt lived in for 30 years. Offer a fair price, but leave yourself with ample room for any renovation costs you may incur.

Finding ideal properties for real estate investing requires time and work – and can certainly be a rewarding investment of resources.  You can help yourself by working smarter and not harder with the assistance of a HomeVestors® Development Agent. We offer real world training, not simply “theoretical” ideas. Our We Buy Ugly Houses® trademark, and our marketing strategies generate a flow of leads. Our techniques have been developed over the years as we have pursued our quest to become America’s #1 Home Buyer.  To date, we have purchased over 45,000 houses and counting.

Call your local HomeVestors® franchisee today and learn how you can take advantage of our expertise.

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